Name Title Phone Email
Turner, Clayton Assistant Football Coach
Zank, Emily Interim Vice President for Academic Life, Dean of Faculty Development & Student Support Services, Instructor of English (919)-497-3221
Driver, Gina Student Accounts Representative (919)-497-3262
McLaughlin, Sherryl Director of Faculty Professional Development (919)-497-3353
Benjamin, Shane Chaplain, Instructor of Religion (919)-497-3231
Price, Ken Title III Administrative Assistant, Faculty/IT Assistant (919)-497-3296
Garner, Jonathan Head Volleyball Coach (919)-497-3264
Mitchell Wheeler, Jennifer Executive Assistant to the President (919)-497-3226
Thompson, Simone Community Director (919)-497-3331
Browne, Jamie PT Instructor of Biology (919)-497-3285
Marino, Jaren Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (919)-497-3340
Berry, Deborah Head of Housekeeping (919)-497-3316
Orbin, William Assistant Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator (919)-497-3263
Howell, Teddy Community Director (919)-497-1101
Smith, Allison Associate Director of Financial Aid/Loan Manager (919)-497-3208
Potter, Tracy Director of Financial Aid (919)-497-3212
Walthour, Tracy Financial Aid Counselor (919)-497-3230
Newton, Sara Financial Aid Assistant (919)-497-3223
Gupton, Kristen Financial Aid Counselor (919)-497-3307
Nelson, Cheryl Accounts Payable Specialist (919)-497-3408
Mallett, Susan Payroll Specialist (919)-497-3246
Shearin, Pamela Bookstore/Mailroom Assistant (919)-497-3326
Agha, Farooq Chief Technology Officer (919) 497-3204
Adkins, Damon Systems and Database Administrator (919)-497-3427
Carr, Mack Community Director (919)-497-1159
Reid, Christopher Director of Housing & Residence Life (919)-497-3310
Williams, Gary Lead Maintenance Technician (919)-497-3276
Tharrington, Gene Maintenance Technician (919)-497-3276
Overton, Ryan Maintenance Technician (919)-497-3276
Patrick, Jason Maintenance Supervisor (919)-497-3250
Allen, Lisa Physical Plant Administrative Assistant (919)-497-3276
Biegenzahn, Nathan Associate Vice President of Facilities (919)-497-3318
Murphy, Christopher Maintenance Technician (919)-497-3276
Wood, Brandy College Store & Office Services Manager (919)-497-3224
Parrish, Anna Services Assistant (919)-497-3326
Holloman, Mike Director of Athletics (919)-497-3249
Hayman, Josh Head Track & Cross Country Coach
Kiger, Mandy Head Athletic Trainer (919)-497-3303
Stokes, Andy Head Women's Soccer Coach (919)-497-3234
Britt, Tyler Asst. Athletic Trainer (919)-497-3303
Lee, Eric Head Softball Coach
Herring, Blake Head Baseball Coach (919)-497-3328
Hayes, Shay Head Women's Basketball Coach (919)-497-3259
Funk, William 'Billy' Assistant Baseball Coach
Tolbert, Chris Assistant Football Coach/Recruiting Coordinator (919)-497-3402
Dixon, Beil Men's Basketball Coach (919)-497-3340
Rogers, Rob Director of Football Operations (919)-497-3323
HIghfield, Trevor Head Football Coach (919)-497-3342
Jones, Taylor Assistant Soccer Coach
Brown, Victoria Head Cheerleading Coach (919) 497-3240
Minnie, Cory PT Assistant Football Coach (919)-497-3308
Hunt, Brittany Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Interim Registrar (919)-497-3338
Wright, Terry Director, Human Resources (919)-497-3294
Smith, Tamra Human Resources Assistant (919)-497-3309
Parrish, Kevin PT Police Officer (919)-497-3400
Thomas, Jermaine Director of Campus Safety & Police (919)-497-3400
Blount, Emmanuel PT Campus Safety Officer (919)-497-3400
Vitt, James Campus Safety Officer (919)-497-3400
Wright, Darryl Campus Safety Officer (919)-497-3400
Davis, Robert Campus Safety Officer (919)-497-3400
Clements, Lynette PT Campus Safety Officer (919)-497-3400
Hamilton, Julius Campus Safety Officer (919)-497-3400
Barefoot, Chad Vice President for Institutional Advancement (919)-497-3325
Patrick, Jamie Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations (919)-497-3245
Poole, Robert Director of the JPAC (919)-497-3251
Stallings, Anna Box Office Manager (919)-497-3300
Berson, Meridith Manager of Development Services and Donor Relations (919)-497-3437
Sady, Sequoia Manager of Creative Services and Web Designer (919)-497-3324
Modlin, Jason Vice President for Student Life (919)-497-3210
Porter, Fonda Associate Vice President for Health & Wellness (919)-497-3205
Solomon, Shekanah Student Life Administrative Assistant (919)-497-3247
Gano, Brian Director of Student Advocacy and Accountability (919)-497-3348
Cochis, Toni Substance Education Coordinator (919)-497-3420
Wilkerson, Lauren Director of Student Engagement (919) 497-3127
Spragley, Kelvin M. Ed., Ph.D Associate Professor of History & Education Division Chair (919)-497-3334
Withers, Caitlin Instructor of History (919)-497-3287
Lagasca, Tanner PT Drama Instructor (919)-497-3243
Wagstaff, Rickie PT Instructor of History (919)-497-3256
Bruck, Robert Asst. Dean for STEM Programs, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science (919)-497-3203
Blair, Anthony Assistant Professor
Bailey, Rod PT Instructor of Science (919)-497-3284
Highfield, Clare Director, First Year Experience (919)-497-3278
Sanders, Brian Assistant Professor of Business Studies (919)-497-3286
Brantley, Crystal Director of English Curriculum, Asst. Professor of English (919)-497-3258
Benrube, Scott Asst. Professor of Business (919)-497-3257
Safley, Mike PT Adjunct Religion Instructor
Wolf, Ian Instructor of English (919)-497-3241
Pace, Leighana Instructor of Mathematics
Ranes, Susan Instructor of English (919)-497-3239
Adkins, Angela Instructor of Music (919)-497-3329
Koh, Sangsoon Assistant Professor of Business (919)-497-3270
Johnson, Amy Director of Developmental English, Assistant Professor of English (919)-497-3216
Williams, Anita PT English Instructor (919)-497-3215
Parrott, Josh Assistant Professor of Religion (919)-497-3434
Rhoden, Donna PT Instructor of Mathematics (919)-497-3256
Blumenauer, Terrie Science Lab Director & Environmental Technology Assistant (919)-497-3425
Sparrow, Lamont PT Adjunct English Instructor
Afanasyeva, Genya Asst. Professor of Mathematics (919)-497-3426
Hoffler, Kris Assistant Professor of English (919)-497-3281
Greene, Rob Instructor of English (919)-497-3345
Hinton, Will Professor of Art (919)-497-3238
Brown, Gail PT Instructor of Business Math (919)-497-3334
Pavon-Rosado, Harriet PT English Instructor (919)-497-3283
Montgomery, Carole PT Adjunct English Instructor (919)-497-3298
Jones, Candace Director, Taylor Honors Program, Associate Professor of English (919)-497-3237
Wilson, Jacquelyn PT Instructor of Sociology (919)-497-3341
Bartholomew, Daniel Assistant Professor of Chemistry (919)-497-3336
Hawks, Brenda PT Instructor of Sociology (919)-497-3341
Divens, Ellen Educational Technology & Reference Librarian (919)-497-3227
Cook, Diane Coordinator of Biology, Associate Professor of Biology (919)-497-3255
Jenkins, Tommy Humanities Division Chair, Assistant Professor of English (919)-497-3313
Evans, Tammy Instructor of English, Interim Director of the Writing Center (919)-497-3279
Capps, Kriss Administrative Assistant (919)-497-3236
Dietz, Danielle Learning Specialist
Yadusky, Kaye Assistant Professor, Learning Specialist (919)-497-3335
Ayscue, Cherry PT Learning Specialist (919)-497-3398
Barrett, Vanessa Acessibility Services PT Interpreter
Faulkner, Robin Learning Specialist (919)-497-3302
Sitterson, Kaitlyn Admissions Counselor (919) 497-3260
Poole, Robert Director of the Jones Performing Arts Center (919)-497-3251
Strickland-Burnette, Georgette Data Manager (919)-497-3235
Budusky, Maura Director of Admissions (919)-497-3228
Watford, Corey Admissions Counselor (919) 497-3211
Tolbert, Stephanie Interim President (919)-497-3226
Staton, Timyra Admissions Counselor (919) 497-3339
Robertson, Linda Audio-Visual Assistant (919)-497-3269
Mikos, Ilishe Librarian (919)-497-3349
White, Norma Assistant Librarian (919)-497-3269
Hinton, Pat Director, Robbins Library (919)-497-3217