Learning Partners

What is Learning Partners?

Louisburg College has a unique comprehensive program for any students with learning differences, attention deficits, difficulty adjusting to the college environment, time management, prioritizing assignments, study skills, meeting deadlines, as well as studying and preparing for tests.  The Learning Partners program is a fee-based academic coaching and strategy-based learning support program. Students enrolled in this program will meet with an experienced program specialist twice a week for focused academic interventions designed to promote self-reliance and life-long learning skills. Students who wish to participate in this program must secure admissions to the college and complete the Learning Partners Program Application, with a personal statement.  Students who are accepted to the program will be invited to an on-campus interview to discuss program goals and expectations as well as other issues that may need to be addressed. Students will be notified by the Learning Partners Director by way of letter on the admission decision.

Contact (919) 497-3278 or learningpartners@louisburg.edu for more information.

Program Benefits

  • Learn to self-advocate
  • Attend interactive academic coaching sessions
  • Develop individualized learning skills and strategies
  • Realize educational and/or career objectives
  • Gain opportunities for social engagement and personal development
  • Utilize learning labs with assistive technology
  • Receive assistance in transitioning to the college or career of your choice


Parent Testimonies

I firmly believe that our Learning Partners Program is a game-changer. It allows students to work with a mentor and advocate who understands the struggles of students with learning differences.

Charles Knight '87
Louisburg College Trustee

Learning Partners provided the structure and guidance to assist my son to form study habits that adapted to his learning style, not the other way around. This program was the perfect blend of adaptability and advice my son needed to help him become the successful student he is today.

Sharon Bryson
Louisburg College Trustee