Student Spotlight: Tabitha Egan

Tabitha EganTabitha Egan is a freshman at Louisburg College studying for her Associate’s in General College. 

Originally from Cornelius, North Carolina, Egan is a part of the National Champion Cheerleading team here at Louisburg College. Egan has been cheering since she was in third grade, competing in Allstar and Cheer Extreme as a level 4 flyer. However, an arthritis diagnosis made Egan take a break from the sport. 

But not for very long. Through cheerleading, Egan found Louisburg College. 

“I got a phone call from the Cheer coach, Coach O’Leary and she offered me a scholarship,” Egan said. “So, I came and toured the campus and made the decision to come here.”

Although this season was her last cheering, Egan and the team won multiple competitions, including being the CCA Cheerleading Grand National Champions! Egan loves her team and coach and believes that they made her last year great. 

“I loved being on the team, especially with a coach that genuinely cared about us,” She said. “Coach Bell cares and treats us like we’re her kids. I think she’s one of the best coaches I’ve had.”

Outside of cheer, Louisburg College’s small campus was one of the reasons Egan chose to attend here. But, she also wished to be close to home.

“My parents are in their 60s and I’m the youngest so I wanted to stay close to home,” Egan said. “Especially for the first year or so.”

Coming from a small town, Egan truly enjoyed the aspect of small class sizes and the homey feel that being on campus gave her. 

“I love the fact that the teachers here don’t treat you as just a grade, but as an actual person,” Egan said. “They check in on you and want to make sure you’re a student before you’re an athlete and that you’re okay.”

Egan, although she is a freshman, will be graduating from Louisburg College in 2023 before transferring to the University of Maryland, where she will be studying Pre-Law. Egan believes that, while going to the University of Maryland will give her more opportunities to study for her Law degree, Louisburg College laid down an amazing foundation. 

“Louisburg taught me a lot about independence,” Egan said. “It also taught me good social, athletic, and academic balance, good study habits, and how to be an effective college student.”

Egan’s advice to prospective students is: 

“As an athlete, don’t beat yourself up if you feel you’re not up to college standards,” Egan said. “Always trust your gut and take care of your [mental] health. And as a student, take good notes and don’t let one bad grade affect you.”