Former Louisburg College Professor Returns to Preach Revival

Josh ParrottIf you attended or worked at Louisburg College between 2007 and 2020, you know Professor Josh Parrott. Although he left Louisburg College three years ago, Parrott returned to preach last week during the revival at Louisburg Baptist Church.

Parrott was the associate professor of religion who taught classes such as New Testament and Old Testament. Starting at his alma mater Gardner-Webb, Parrott became interested in teaching about religion. From there, Parrott came to interview for an open position at Louisburg College.

“It’s funny because I had a friend who was also interviewing to work here in the Religion department,” Parrott said. “And neither of us knew the other was even applying to work here. I was going in and he was coming out and we sort of laughed at it. The person hiring us was like ‘you’ll teach Old Testament and you’ll teach New Testament.’”

Parrott, who taught New Testament, and more classes as the semesters went by, felt that he grew as a teacher and a person as the years went on. 

“Louisburg is a transformational place,” he said, quoting Professor Will Hinton. “And it’s true… I feel that I grew a lot there and students change for the better a lot of the time while there.”

Although it has been three years since Parrott left this place, he still remembers it fondly. He talked about the relationships he built over the years with the College community.

“I’m very happy to talk about Louisburg College,” Parrott said. “My favorite part was the students, the life of the campus, and my colleagues [faculty and staff]. There are students that I am still able to communicate with after years.”

Parrott remembered the fun times that he and his fellow faculty members had during his stay here.

“Brian Sanders started this thing called bow-tie Thursday,” Parrott said. “And we, the students and faculty and community members, would go to Duke’s Dining Hall and eat fried chicken on Thursdays together.”

Parrott himself is not the only one who formed ever-lasting bonds and made good memories at Louisburg College. His son and wife also have wonderful memories of this place.

“I used to take my son with me to sports games and he’d come with me to pray with the teams,” Parrott said. “And, after we moved, he’d see a player or hear a name and go ‘Dad, you remember this person right? They wore this number and graduated this year,’ and I’d be amazed at how he remembered them all.”

After leaving Louisburg College, Parrott would work in ministry with Corporate Chaplains of America in South Carolina. However, he felt the pull to go back to teaching and education. Parrott now works at Gardner-Webb as Director of Christian Life and as the University’s Chaplain. 

Parrot returned to Louisburg to preach a revival at Louisburg Baptist Church from Monday, March 13, 2023, until Thursday, March 16, 2023. When asked how he felt about being back, Parrott said he couldn’t be happier.

“I love Franklin County,” Parrott said. “It’s so good to see all the folks and friends and families that love us [his family]. It’s like a homecoming week almost.”