Chaplain Amanda Bunce Speaks at Louisburg Baptist Church

Amanda BunceLouisburg College Chaplain Amanda Bunce recently preached to the congregation at Louisburg Baptist Church for its Annual Women's Sunday.

Bunce received an invitation from a Louisburg College Board of Trustees member in January to speak at the church. Bunce's sermon centered around the Book of Luke, Chapter 13, and the story of the fig tree.

"We are offered all of His grace, but we need to respond to that grace," Bunce said. "Like the fig tree that was watered and given sunlight, it didn't bloom until it responded to the nutrients. We are given all the things needed to grow, but we need to be willing to accept them."

Bunce preached this sermon by sharing a story about one of her favorite mugs. She said she bought the hand-crafted mug and one day it was accidentally broken. However, she found the Japanese repair art of Kintsugi, or repairing broken items with "gold."

"I believe that this art shows that even when things are broken, they can still be beautiful," Bunce said.

She also sang two selections alongside the church's pianist - "We Shall Behold Him" and a section of Andrew Webber's "Requiem." Although this was not her permanent church, Bunce said she felt at home.

"It was good to be back in the pulpit and to see the community," Bunce said. "The congregation was very receptive to the message and it was nice to be able to speak with the church members."

Along with church and community members, Louisburg College President Dr. Gary Brown, and his wife, Laurie, were also in attendance for Bunce's sermon.

The full sermon has also been uploaded to the Louisburg Baptist YouTube channel.