Conduct Records & Fees

Student Conduct Records
For students, a responsible finding of the any Title IX violations through the formal process will be documented in his/her Student Conduct Record. Student conduct records are maintained in the Office of Student Life for a period of five years.  The provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act govern accessibility to these records.  Student Conduct records are personal and confidential.  Students may inspect their records during normal working hours.
College officials who have professional justification for such information may also inspect these records.  Students should also be aware that institutions to which they may apply typically request a conduct report on potential students to help determine whether or not to admit that student. The college does not provide copies of video or audio recordings of conduct hearings for students.
Conduct Fee

Each student who is found responsible for violating a policy will be assessed a conduct fee in the amount of $20.  It is important to understand that this fee is viewed as a part of the overall sanction and failure to pay the fee will be viewed as a Failure to Comply with Educational Sanction [see Student Conduct Policies]. This fee is to offset administrative costs associated with the student conduct process.

Fees assessed to student accounts must be paid in full prior to the release of grades or transcripts.  Unpaid fees are subject to collections as allowed by law.  Students should note that financial aid cannot be used to pay fees assessed due to student conduct action. The Conduct Fee is not grounds for appeal as outlined in the Procedures for Appeal of a Formal Resolution Decision.