Role of Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator will first ensure that the complainant is safe and that the campus community is protected. The Coordinator will meet with the complainant(s) and respondent(s) of the complaint. The Coordinator is trained in college sexual harassment, discrimination, and misconduct and will provide information (in writing) and guidance to the complainant and respondent.
The following information is provided:
  • Resources on campus and in the community, including counseling support
  • Information about the College’s investigation process and grievance procedures for pursuing a formal complaint against a faculty, staff, or student member of the campus community or third party
  • Information about Louisburg College’s non-retaliation policy
  • Information about the complainant’s right to pursue criminal action in addition to the College’s procedures and actions
  • Possible accommodations or other measures to assure the complainant and respondent’s well-being, including no-contact orders and adjustments to classes/housing/work study
  • Description of the College’s obligation to treat both the complainant and respondent fairly and to promptly investigate the reported sexual harassment, discrimination, and misconduct
  • Description of the role of the Student Life Office or the Human Resources Office in assisting with sexual misconduct investigations and grievance process when students or faculty/staff are involved, respectively