Interim Actions & Accommodations

Interim actions and accommodations are meant to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in a complaint, specifically the complainant and respondent. These actions may be put in place prior to, during, or after a formal or informal resolution process.
Interim actions
Interim actions are meant to be temporary and have the least amount of impact on a respondent’s academic activities weighed against the need to protect the safety of the complainant(s) and campus community.
Interim actions are not decisions about responsibility. The Title IX Coordinator will issue an interim action when the College feels that it there is an imminent or ongoing threat to the campus community.
Interim actions may include, but are not limited to:
  • Counseling Referral
  • Housing reassignment or removal
  • Temporary Removal from Campus
  • No Contact Orders
  • Persona non grata Notice (No Trespass)
These actions are described in the Student Conduct Process section of the Student Handbook
A complainant and respondent may request reasonable accommodations be made to help him/her during or after the resolution process. Accommodations must be requested and all requests must be approved by the Title IX Coordinator, in consultation with appropriate faculty and staff.
A request for an accommodation does not guarantee the approval of the accommodation. The Title IX Coordinator will work with the complainant and respondent to identify ways to alleviate any concerns he or she may have resulting from the complaint.
Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:
  • Request rearrangement of class schedule or housing assignment
  • Request arrangement for the complainant to have additional time to complete a course or retake/withdraw from a class without academic or financial penalty
  • Housing reassignment
  • Providing an escort between classes
  • Request that the Title IX Coordinator  address the complainant’s concerns with the respondent (see Investigation and Resolution Procedures - Informal resolution).