Louisburg College’s voluntary student evacuation extended to faculty and staff; safety is primary concern during Florence

LOUISBURG, NC—Louisburg College’s voluntary evacuation for students has been extended to both full and part-time, non-essential faculty and staff beginning Wednesday, September 12th at 5:00 p.m.

hurricaneflorencetrackingThe latest weather reports gauge Hurricane Florence as a Category 4 storm that is on a direct path for the North Carolina coast and the central part of the state. If this track is verified, it will be one of the strongest and potentially devastating storms to ever invade the state. The College administration wants faculty and staff to avoid the hazards of traveling to campus during this severe weather event.

“The safety of our employees and their families is a primary concern for the College,” says Dr. Gary Brown, President of Louisburg College. “We want our employees to feel secure knowing their families and homes are prepared as well as possible for the arrival of Florence. If employees need to travel elsewhere ahead of the hurricane’s arrival, then this weather-related evacuation should provide them with enough time to do so safely.”

For those essential personnel who must stay on campus, there will be adequate shelter and food for them to remain and perform the vital tasks of assisting students, providing meals, facilitating security and managing any damages to campus property as a result of hurricane conditions.

“We are grateful for our dedicated staff members who have pledged to stay on campus to help maintain a safe and relatively comfortable environment for our students who have chosen to weather the storm on location,” Dr. Brown says. “Our planning and our prayers are focused on bringing students, faculty, staff and their families through this situation safely and securely.”

The College is continuing to monitor Hurricane Florence’s approach in collaboration with the National Weather Service and state and local agencies. We will share updates as they develop. As always, safety is our primary concern, but only employees and their families know their circumstances best. Follow the course of action that is right for you.

Employees who may need safe haven can contact Louisburg College Student Services by noon, Wednesday, September 12 to arrange for on-campus shelter.

It is imperative that all employees continue to monitor their Louisburg College inboxes,  Louisburg College Homepage, LC Alerts, social media feeds (FacebookTwitter and Instagram), as well as local weather reports. Employees without access to the internet can contact the College directly by calling 919-496-2521.

Additional resources concerning the predicted path and severity of Hurricane Florence, as well as Hurricane preparedness tips, are listed below for your convenience.  

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