Student Art Show reveals thoughtful works of ‘listening’

by Curtis Hayes, Director of Communications

arttwoLouisburg College’s Winter Student Art Show (photo: right), on Tuesday, December 11th, provided a break from the snow and pre-exam cram for a look at the selection of drawings and ceramic works created by art students during the 2018 Fall Semester.

Art instructor Will Hinton said his student artists are great listeners who appreciate the messages of their lives and those of others. The reason their works may speak to others is because they have portrayed those stories in their pieces, which others may be able to share and relate with.                

Drawings and color and design projects were on display during the one-night only event. The works were completed by Hinton’s 131A Drawing Class (photo: below, left). These student works ranged from interpretations of “New Yorker” covers, to painted color patterns, to pencil and graphite narratives.                         

artoneThe 283A Ceramics/Pottery class shared both functional earthenware pottery and sculptural works, which speak both to the historical nature of clay and the generosity of the vessel, which is to hold, to drink from, and to build a sense of community, according to Hinton. 

Myasia Myles (photo: below, right), a sophomore from Kinston who is majoring in general arts, said one of the most important thing about art is, “being true to yourself.”

Myles said she has grown during the semester and learned some valuable lessons about art, listening and life.

artthree“I’ve always had a passion for art, and this semester really helped me learn more about myself and learn that art is never perfect,” she said. “It relates to me in the sense that no matter what, you have to keep preserving.”

Student Participants

Drawing 131A                      
Willie Avens                         
Maria Hall                            
A. J. Lovell                         
Devon Mickens                   
Justin Miller                          
Brice Moltzon                       
Cobi Moltzon                       
Kathryn Nance                     
Nick Odoi                          
Rashad Watson                 

Ceramics 283A  
Arris Baldwin
Cameron Bradley
Carlos Burks
Harmony Davidson
Kye Degraffenreidt
Sam Dixon
Jared Eure
Brandon Locklear
Trayjona Murray
Myasia Myles
Britney Reed
Paul Sherrill
Jodie Summerlin
Ramesha Williams