Frequently Asked Questions

Hurricane FAQs

Got questions about becoming a Hurricane? We've got answers. Reach out to a coach or an admissions counselor for more information. 

What are my first steps?

  1. Check out the Hurricanes Athletics website:
  2. Contact the head coach for the sport you’re interested in.
  3. Apply online at and talk to your admissions counselor about athletic opportunities.


Can I come see a game or event?

We’d love to have you! When you contact a coach or your admissions counselor, let them know you’re interested in seeing a game or event. You can also view events online at or on the athletics site. Please note, some games may have attendance restrictions due to COVID precautions.


How do I contact a coach?

We’re always excited to hear from students who are interested in becoming a Hurricane! Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us a little about yourself.

  1. Email the head coach of the sport you’re interested in. Let them know:
    • your name,
    • what year of school you’re in,
    • the name of your high school/college,
    • and the position you play or would like to play for your sport.
  2. Call the head coach.
  3. Message the sport's page on social media. That’s right! You can direct message our teams on their social media pages.


Why should I become a Hurricane?

  1. Many of our athletes have gone on to play for D1 schools.
  2. We award more than $600,000 in athletic scholarships each year.
  3. More than 12 of our teams are nationally ranked NJCAA teams.
  4. Playing time as a first- or second-year student.