Contact a Coach

Sport Head Coach Office Number Email
Baseball Blake Herring (919) 497-3328

Basketball (M)

Bryan Bagwell (919) 497-3340 

Basketball (W) Jason Rasnake (919) 497-3259
Cheerleading Erin Bell (919) 497-3228 


Track & Field (M & W)

Erasmo Ordonez (919) 497-1330


Seth Reeves (919) 497-1338 

Football Quinderra Spellman (919) 497-3402 
Softball  Eric Lee (919) 497-3301
Soccer (M) Matthew Mozynski (919) 497-3265 
Soccer (W) Chris Fresco (919) 497-3234
Volleyball  Daniel Schulte (919) 497-3264


How do I contact a coach?

We’re always excited to hear from students who are interested in becoming a Hurricane! Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us a little about yourself.

  1. Email the head coach of the sport you’re interested in. Let them know:
    • your name,
    • what year of school you’re in,
    • the name of your high school/college,
    • and the position you play or would like to play for your sport.
  2. Call the head coach.
  3. Message the sport's page on social media. That’s right! You can direct message our teams on their social media pages.