Immunization Records

All students are required to supply proper documentation showing satisfactory completion of all the following immunizations:


Number of Doses Required Before School Entry*

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis 3 doses
Polio 3 doses
Measles 2 doses
Mumps 2 doses
Rubella 1 dose
Hepatitis B (Hep B) 3 doses
Varicella 1 dose


*Please click here to learn more about the required immunizations and proper documentation needed for entry.

North Carolina Statute G.S :130A-155.1 states that: 

No person shall attend a college or university, whether public, private, or religious, unless a Certificate of Immunization or record of presented to the college or university...on or before the date the person first registers for a quarter or semester during which the student will reside on the campus.

You must submit your most up-to-date immunization records via email to prior to arriving on campus for fall/spring check-in. This will help prevent any delays in the check-in process.