Employment Placement and Types of Employment Obtained by Graduates

A primary aspect of Louisburg’s mission is to ‘provide a bridge for students to make a successful transition from high school to senior colleges and universities’. Due to the mission of the institution, students are encouraged to complete their associate’s degree at Louisburg and then pursue their bachelor’s degree immediately after graduation.

The Office of Advancement developed a survey to obtain this information from graduating students. In the Spring of 2023, 91% of the graduating students who were surveyed indicated that they plan to attend a 4-year institution for the 2023-2024 academic year. Approximately 9% indicated that they were undecided about their future plans. While our Academic Success Center assists students with career readiness and applying for employment, if students are interested in employment, over 90% of our students are interested in assistance with applying to a 4-year institution when they graduate from Louisburg.