Mathematics, Science, and Health


We offer coursework leading to successful student transfer into nursing programs as well as into bachelor programs that prepare students for pharmacy school, medical school, veterinary school, and physical therapy programs. Further, our coursework also supports student transfer into business schools and other academic pursuits.

Mission Statement

The missions of the Math, Science, and Health Division and Louisburg College are to help our students to develop foundational skills in critical thinking, problem solving, scientific communication, essential computation, and hands-on laboratory skills. We are committed to helping students successfully transfer to four-year institutions by providing quality advising and innovative, real-world applications in our courses. We also aim to create an environment that fosters a willingness and preparedness for lifelong learning.


1. Increase successful transfer of students to STEM programs at four-year institutions.

2. Increase student awareness and use of mathematics and science support services in coordination with the Academics Support Center.

3. Develop discipline-specific projects to assess mathematics and science literacy skills.