Business & Social Sciences


Extremely high transfer rate to a four-year school for business graduates who have completed their Louisburg College two-year degree.

Mission Statement 

The Business Studies and Social Science Division aims to prepare our students to compete in the business world. Our primary focus is to offer a program that provides a variety of business classes from introductory-level courses to advanced business concepts which prepare students to succeed in the Business world. A part of the Business Degree is to create well-rounded students who are also well-versed in social science classes such as history, economics, psychology, and sociology. By having our students study the relationship dynamics within societies and their impact on shaping the business world, we aim to produce well-rounded, ethical, business leaders for the future.


1. Provide each business student with opportunities to gain real-world experiences. 

2. Help business stuents to master the fundamentals of business, in addition to the skills required to be successful in the business world including: critical thinking, problem-solving, and oral communication. 

3. To provide each business student with opportunties to develop the interpersonal skills required to flourish in a collaborative and diverse work environment.