Computer Labs

Computer Lab Locations

  • Taft 102
  • Taft 312 Math Lab
  • Davis 101 -open 24 hours a day
  • Library
  • The Eye
  • Franklin Dormitory, 2nd Floor
  • Wright Dormitory, Lobby


The computer labs are for the exclusive use of Louisburg College students. The college may deem accessing another user's material without the owner’s proper authorization or allowing others to use your password a violation of the honor code.

There is absolutely no eating, drinking, or smoking permitted in the labs or while using any of the college's computer equipment anywhere on campus. Louisburg College does not allow drinks, cups, or bottles in the labs. Students may not install any software, programs, or games on the lab computers without the Information Technology Department’s permission or make any changes to Windows, Desktop, or any program preferences. Violation of these policies will result in a loss of lab privileges. 

The computer lab’s primary uses are approved class projects, information technology research, legal research, and word processing. Students using the facility for these purposes have top priority.

Students assume the risk of equipment failure or malfunction. Louisburg College, its employees, and student lab assistants are not responsible for software or hardware performance or the destruction of data or media, including computer disks. Students are responsible for any violation of copyright law and may not duplicate any of the copyrighted programs or manuals in the computer lab in any form. 

Students are responsible for knowing and understanding these policies and any additional policies posted inside or outside the lab or published electronically over the computer network.