Louisburg College Football Head Coach Reads to Preschool

Coach Spellman reading to Pre-K class.On March 2, 2023, Louisburg College Football’s head coach Quinderra Spellman visited The Impact Academy Preschool in Rocky Mount, NC, to read to students. 

The preschool, which works alongside the World Tabernacle Church, hosted the book reading for Dr. Seuss’ birthday as a part of a series of community book reading sessions. Coach Spellman read “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” to the Pre-K class. 

“The kids loved reading together,” Coach Spellman said.

Coach Spellman believes in doing good deeds for and working alongside the community through outreach programs and volunteer work. As well as reading to the youth, Coach Spellman and the Louisburg College Football team also visit nursing homes to spend time with patients and the elderly.

Coach Spellman with The Impact Academy's Pre-K class.“I try to bridge the gap between the first generation (the elderly) and the next generation (the youth),” Coach Spellman said. “We go to nursing homes and the Boys and Girls Club. I just love giving back and serving the community and others.”

Along with reading the class, Coach Spellman also gifted students Cat 5 (Louisburg College’s mascot) dolls.

A video of Coach Spellman reading at The Impact Academy is available on the school’s Facebook page.