Golden Anniversary Council

The Golden Anniversary Council is composed of Louisburg College 1968 and prior graduates. The thirty council members, including the president, vice president, and historian, advocate for the college’s alumni and spearhead special fundraising projects beneficial to the college.

2021-2022 Officers

President: Paul Lewis Wilson '61

Vice President: Peggy Ann Wilder '60

Historian: Velma Ferrell Brown '60

Secretary: William R. Spade '67

 2021-2022 Members

Robert W. Alston, Jr. '60

Robert Edgar Beck '53

David Birdsong '60

Alicia S. Eller '65

Mary Ellen Creech Foster '59

Jim Foster '60

Clara W. Frazier '55

Rubie Riggan Hecht '52

Horace Jernigan '47

Gary Jones '65

Daniel Louis Massey '62

Bill Merritt '53

William David Moon '45

Thomas Allen Riggan, Sr. '59

Joseph W. Shearon '51

Rebecca Willis Spade '67

John Strotmeyer '68

Howard Tang '70

Anne Jones Weathersbee '49

Delores Jean Woodard '64

Edwin W. Woodhouse, Sr. '56