Fire of Georgia

Performance of Fire of Georgia

Direct from Tiblisi, Georgia and comprised of 32 male and female dancers, the Royal National Dance Company will tour the USA for the first time in March 2023 with their program "Fire of Georgia."

Founded in 2008, the company has performed in Germany, France, Holland, throughout the Russian Federation, and New Zealand.

Combining Georgian folk and classical dance elements, "Fire of Georgia" seamlessly captures the rich and diverse culture of The Democratic Republic of Georgia, a former Soviet republic at the intersection of Europe and Asia - home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches, by showcasing the juxtaposition of the natural gracefulness and beauty of its female dancers with the acrobatic, and fierce temperament of its male dancers.

Each dance and several hundred costumes, accompanied by a contemporary score are representative of the diverse regions of Georgia from which they originate. 

Show starts at 7 pm.