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The Glendora Powell Diversity Series


Louisburg College is proud to host the Glendora Powell Diversity Series, a program that features distinguished leaders and experts to inspire campus dialogue and community engagement and learning.  The series honors Professor Emeritus Glendora Powell, whose dedication to multiculturalism has contributed so much to the Louisburg College community. The series recognizes the deep historical ties that she and her family have to the college. A graduate of Riverside High School, Class of '63, Ms. Powell witnessed her mother and aunt working hard at Louisburg College cleaning buildings, although she could not attend as a student. 

Ms. Powell became a freshman at Saint Augustine's College, now Saint Augustine University, where she majored in and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education. In 1985, Ms. Powell graduated from North Carolina Central University to hold a Masters of Arts Degree in Music Education. Ms. Powell's teaching career spanned over 44 years, dating back to 1967 until she retired from Louisburg College in May of 2011, after spending 11 years positively transforming Louisburg College students’ lives. She is a Louisburg College Distinguished Professor Emeritus, the first African-American to achieve the distinction.  Glendora Powell often said, "If I can help somebody, then my living shall not be in vain."

The annual series is open to all those on campus and in the community.