Education Program

Dr. Spragley explains  future considerations for the A.A. in Education degree program.

A.A. in Education Initiative

The Louisburg College A.A. in Education program was initiated in the fall of 2017 after multiple years of  exploring course and program requirements.  The 2-year program is structured so that students can complete required coursework, while also preparing for the Praxis exam, earning volunteer hours, and completing a capstone project.  Additionally, students are provided opportunities to visit traditional and non-traditional schools during their time in the program.

To aid with the learning process, students are placed in class-cohorts  where student-teacher ratios are approximately 12:1.  Maintaining a close working relationship with Franklin County Schools, while also being a part of initiatives such as Partnership East with East Carolina University, students can be assured of receiving the type  of theoretical and practical experience needed to transfer to a senior institution to complete teacher certification or begin work as a teacher assistant in one of North Carolina’s public school systems.


Program Requirements

Students who earn the A.A. in Education at Louisburg College will be required to complete coursework that is mandatory in most teacher education programs at 4-year institutions.  In general, students will take coursework in the following areas: English, Literature, Math, History, Sociology, Psychology, Technology, Biology, Political Science.  Additionally, students are also required to take three courses in education, beginning with Foundations of Education (EDU 216).  A minimum of 61/63 semester hours and a GPA of at least a 2.0 are required to graduate from the program.

Another program requirement consists of students accruing 60 volunteer hours in a local/regional K-12 school setting.  Louisburg College faculty will work with students to schedule visits to area schools where hours can be earned by volunteering, observing, or assisting the classroom teacher.

To help students prepare for their transition to a 4-year institution, they will be required to participate in a mock interview session where they will be asked a series of education-related questions, while also learning the intricacies of interview etiquette.  Additionally, students will complete a capstone research paper, where they will discuss their philosophy of education, reflect on their classroom observation experiences, and explore an education topic of interest to them.

As a final requirement of the program, students will receive assistance in preparing for Praxis I and will take a series of practice Praxis exams.


What Makes Us Different?

While many 2-year institutions offer coursework in various areas of education, Louisburg College provides a more holistic experience.  In addition to the rigorous courses students are required to take, they also receive numerous opportunities to engage with public and private school students and school personnel during their first semester at Louisburg College.  This experience, we believe, provides students an opportunity, early in their post-secondary education experience, to know whether or not a career in education is for them.

Consider also the residential experience students receive while at Louisburg College.  In addition to the Praxis prep support, mock interview experience, and Capstone requirement, students also get to interact with a learning community on a 24 hour basis, which includes seminars, workshops, and much more.