Welcome from the Director of Housing & Residence Life

Dear Resident Student:

The Office of Student Life would like to congratulate you on your decision to attend Louisburg College! We would also like to congratulate you for choosing to reside on campus as part of your academic learning experience! You truly have already made the many steps to building a strong foundation for a great future

On-campus housing provides students with a unique environment to combine learning with growing both socially and academically. Several benefits may be realized in an on-campus housing environment when all members of the community practice responsible behavior.

Our professional staff (6 Community Directors) and para professional staff (22 Resident Assistants) along with other student workers (16 Desk Attendants) work together and with you to ensure the residence halls are a place where you can live and learn free of distractions. Campus Police, maintenance and housekeeping staffs also work closely with us to ensure your safety and residence halls are functioning to the highest level, each day.

Once again, the Office of Student Life congratulates you on choosing Louisburg College and residing in our residence halls. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Louisburg College Family!


Jen Patsy

Director of Housing & Residence Life

Louisburg College

Residence Life at Louisburg College marks the beginning of personal freedom and choice for students. This separation from home and family life carries great responsibility for students. It can also be a time of anxiety and uncertainty as students begin the transition to an autonomous lifestyle. In the diverse community of Louisburg College, students will learn to become responsible for and respectful of themselves and their community. To assist with each student's transition, both a paraprofessional and professional Residence Life Staff are available. Additionally, Residence Life policies and regulations are established to provide support for the educational mission of Louisburg College, as well as assist in the personal and social growth of the students.

This mission includes encouraging a residence hall environment which:

  • Promotes a sense of community
  • Promotes opportunities for individual growth
  • Encourages responsible citizenship and a concern for others
  • Is safe, clean, and meets the physical needs of residents
  • Is free from damages and vandalism
  • Is free from undue interruption or distraction
  • Is reasonably quiet so that students are able to sleep and study