Sherri Heiber Day

painting of rabbit
Storytelling Adventures
Jan. 17, 2019 - Mar. 8, 2019
Opening Reception: Jan. 17 @ 7:00 pm
Sherri Hieber Day is a textile artist who creates hooked rugs. Her journey into the world of textiles evolved while she was working primarily as a printmaker (relief wood and linoleum blocks). Gradually, she found herself ‘falling in love’ with the textured surface of the block rather than the finished print itself. She experimented with a number of mediums and discovered hooked rugs. She was finally able to satisfy her desire to create work with a physically animated surface. 
Sherri graduated from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey with a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History in 1981, and from New York University in New York, New York with a M.A. in American Folk Art Studies in 1993. She has taught numerous workshops throughout the United States and England. Sherri lives in Long Valley, New Jersey with her husband Chris in their 150 year old home that was originally a general store.
“I think of my work as storytelling adventures. Most pieces refer to my interaction with family, friends and the natural world. The simplified imagery has a job to do. It celebrates the essence and energy of its story and is the primary vehicle driving the overall animation of the piece. Francis Bacon wrote, “[Art is a] method of opening up areas of feeling rather than merely an illustration of an object.” His words are close at hand as I create my work.”
Sherri Hieber Day