Linens & Care Packages


In addition to checking out the college’s Frequently Asked Questions or items list, parents and students are encouraged to visit the On-Campus Market (OCM) Residence Hall Linens Program web page.  Whether you are beginning your first year at Louisburg College or gearing up for end-of-year final exams, OCM has you covered! 

Parents and students often browse and purchase value packs on bedroom linens, bath & storage supplies, and decorations before beginning the new academic year. Visiting this site is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to ensure that your student has everything they need for their new "home away from home."  The best part is you can have it shipped right to the college mailroom.


Additionally, students love care packages! If they celebrate a holiday, birthday, or you want to send well wishes for finals –  you can send a care package for your student full of their favorite snacks.

When you purchase items from OCM, Louisburg College receives a portion of sales that go toward campus programming and improvements!