Loan Options

Federal Loan Programs


For detailed information on the Federal Direct Student Loans, please visit If you’ve been notified that you are eligible for the Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Student Loans on your Financial Aid Award Letter and plan to borrow these loans, please complete the Entrance Counseling AND Loan Agreement (MPN) at If you do not wish to borrow the loans, please email our office at to decline those loans.

Federal Direct PLUS Loans

The Parent PLUS Loan is a financing option available for parents to cover the remaining balance due for the year. For details on the PLUS Loan, please visit If the parent is approved and wishes to borrow enough to cover the balance, please be sure to choose the "maximum" amount on the application. If the parent is denied the PLUS Loan, the student becomes eligible for an additional Unsubsidized Loan. 

Alternative Loans

Private Student Loans

We strongly recommend that you consider borrowing from the Federal Direct Loan program before applying for a private student loan due to the Department of Education's low interest rates and various repayment options. If you still need to borrow additional loans, a private loan may be an option for you. Please be aware that if you do not have much credit established, a lender will likely require you to have a cosigner. 

ELM Select - If researching or applying for private loans, you may go to this site to help you compare different lenders to determine which loan would best suit you and your family. The lenders provided on ELM Select are by no means a list of all available lenders