Student Tech Tips

Louisburg College students are invited and encouraged to bring personal computers on campus to facilitate and enhance their learning experience. This document contains information on how to gain internet access through the Louisburg College campus network, protect your computer against viruses, and obtain assistance from Staff members when necessary.

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Dormitory Internet Connection

Wired Connection

All campus dormitory rooms are equipped with a wired category 5 Ethernet Connection port. Any desktop or laptop computer with Windows Vista, 7 or 8 operating system and current Macintosh systems can gain internet access through this connection port. A category 5 Ethernet cable is required and must be provided by the student. These are available at the campus bookstore and at the Louisburg Wal-Mart. A wired Ethernet connection provides the fastest and most reliable internet connection.

Wireless internet access is available throughout the campus. The name of the Louisburg College wireless network is LC-WIFI or lc- (for example lc-Franklin2nd).

Virus Protection

In order to protect your computer and the Louisburg College campus network from viruses, all computers are required to have anti-virus software installed and anti-virus definitions kept up to date. If your computer has anti-virus software installed such as Norton, McAfee, AVG etc. with an active account, that will suffice. For those who do not have current anti-virus software installed, the College provides AVG anti-virus at no cost to students, faculty, and staff. To have anti-virus software installed, contact the IT department using the contact information below.

How to Obtain Assistance/Technical Support

If assistance is needed with any technology-related issue, the first step is to contact the Community Director. If the CD is unable to resolve the issue, there are two options to obtain further assistance:

  • Community Director or Student can send email to the Information Technology helpdesk at Please provide detailed information about the nature of the request.
  • Students can stop by an IT office in either Taft 201 or Davis 107. Office hours for Taft 201 are Monday and Wednesday from 3-5 PM, Thursday 10AM-12PM.
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