Much of what you may wish to share is very personal. The Joel Porter Counseling Center joins with the administration of this college in affirming your right to privacy. Information will not be disclosed without your written permission except for the following reasons:

  1. Imminent Harm to Others: If the center has reason to believe that you are seriously threatening physical violence against another person, or if you have a history of physically violent behavior, and if the center believes that you are an actual threat to the safety of another person, action such as contacting the police, seeking hospitalization, notifying another person, or a combination of these actions, may take place in order to insure that the other person is protected.
  2. Imminent Harm to Self: If the center has reason to believe you are in danger of harming yourself physically, and if you are unable or unwilling to follow treatment recommendations, s/he may have to arrange for an evaluation off-campus and/or contact a family member or another person who may be able to help protect you.
  3. Abuse of Children or Disabled Adults: If the center has reason to believe that a child under the age of 18 or a disable adult is being abused or neglected, the center is legally obligated to report this situation to the appropriate state agency.
  4. Legal Compliance: If a court of law or the Department of Homeland Security orders the release of certain information, we are legally required to comply with this order.


Initial appointments can be scheduled by coming by the office in Davis Hall or by calling 919 497-3205. Efforts are made to schedule an appointment within 24 hours of the request for services.