Welcome to housing and residence life at Louisburg College!

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Our eight residential facilities not only provide a safe place for students to relax and study, they also provide an atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth and continued learning beyond the classroom. As a residential student, you'll quickly recognize shared interests with others in your community as well as learn to appreciate individual differences.

Students are our number one priority. Our goal is to provide you with the resources needed to make your experience at Louisburg a success.

In order to foster positive residential communities, our professional staff (Community Directors) and para-professional staff (Resident Assistants) along with other student employees (Desk Attendants) work with you to ensure that residence hall communities are responsible, safe and inclusive. Campus Police, maintenance and housekeeping staff also work very hard to ensure that residence halls are at their prime.

Residential activities and programs we provide are designed to foster community and make your experience at college exciting. More importantly, we encourage you to get involved within and beyond the residence halls so that you can be successful while at Louisburg, as well as in your future endeavors.

The Office of Housing & Residence Life expects all of our students and staff to be a positive and productive member of residential communities. Therefore, you should contribute to the sense of community in your hall by exercising honor and integrity, respecting the rights of others, and making good decisions.

It is the personal responsibility of each student to familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. These policies and procedures have been designed to safeguard you as well as others in your community. We want your living experience in the residence halls to be worthwhile and enriching!

I look forward to meeting you and wish you the absolute best on your journey at Louisburg College as you pursue great futures. Go 'Canes!


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Christopher Reid
Director of Housing & Residence Life
Louisburg College

Our mission includes encouraging a residence hall environment which:

  • Promotes a sense of community
  • Promotes opportunities for individual growth
  • Encourages responsible citizenship and a concern for others
  • Is safe, clean, and meets the physical needs of residents
  • Is free from damages and vandalism
  • Is free from undue interruption or distraction
  • Is reasonably quiet so that students are able to sleep and study