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Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Housing & Residence Life offers two unique Living Learning Communities (LLCs) within specific residence halls where students who share interests, and academic and personal goals, live together. Louisburg College faculty and staff Educational Partners, or EPs, help plan and facilitate special events and workshops that support students in their personal and academic growth.

Why Live in a LLC?

  • An opportunity to connect with other students around shared interests and/or common goals.
  • A chance to discover more about yourself as an individual.
  • A chance to broaden your horizons and expand your view of others, as well as various special topics.
  • Unique experiences that are marketable on resumes or job applications.
  • Greater networking with faculty and staff, as well as community leaders.
  • Greater satisfaction with campus living.
  • Special recognition for LLC accomplishments.
  • Access to LLC gear, special trips, and events.

Applying to LLCs

  • Each LLC has a separate application process.
  • MADE to LEAD LLC (First-Year Students Only)
  • Canes for Change LLC (Second-Year Students Preferred)
  • Each LLC has a limited number of participants.
  • Students are encouraged to sign up for housing prior to applying; if LLC application is accepted, students will receive their new housing assignment.

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