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Student organizations provide leadership development and social growth that complement academic life. Most organizations are open to any member of the student body, while some have GPA or other requirements for membership. Student organizations are governed by a constitution and supervised by a faculty or staff advisor. Students who have interests beyond our current campus organizations should contact a staff member of the Student Life staff about creating a new student organization.

Expectations for Campus Organizations

  1. A group becomes an organization when it is formally recognized as such by Louisburg College. To be recognized, a group must meet these requirements:
    1. The name of its faculty or staff advisor and copies of its constitution and by-laws must be submitted to the Student Life Office. Changes and amendments should be submitted one business week before they are to become effective.
    2. If the group is also connected with an organization outside of Louisburg College, the external organization's constitution and by-laws should be filed with the Student Life Office. All amendments are to be submitted at least one business week before they are to become effective.
    3. The Student Government Association must vote (two-thirds majority) to approve the group as an official campus organization.
  2. Any member of the Louisburg College community can be part of a college-related organization.
  3. To receive funds for its activities, an organization must submit a written request to the Student Life Office for presentation to the Student Government Association. Under no circumstances should any money be spent by an organization until approval is given. Forms for fund requests are available in the Student Life Office. Due to the limited amount of Student Government funds available for campus organizations, organizations are encouraged to raise the funds necessary for their programs.
  4. Campus organizations may schedule programs and activities by following proper procedures for scheduling events on campus.
    1. When planning a program, an organization must check the Louisburg College master calendar with the Auditorium Manager to ensure that there are no conflicts with other events.
    2. The organization must reserve the space it wishes to meet in through the Manager of Facilities. Campus space will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The college reserves the right to move organizations to facilities other than those reserved in order to better accommodate all groups wishing to use campus facilities.
    3. The organization must fill out a calendar reservation form, signed by the faculty or staff advisor, and submit that form to the Manager of Facilities.
    4. An organization may be charged for any unusual costs in the use of facilities.
    5. If an organization damages or misuses a Louisburg College facility, the group will be charged for the damage and may have its facility use privilege revoked.
    6. An organization that has a meeting at Louisburg College involving outside persons, such as guest speakers, must notify the Student Life Office at least one business week in advance.
  5. Louisburg College must authorize the use of the college name in relation to an individual, group or organization.
  6. Under no circumstance should an organization undertake any type of fundraising or solicitation for donations without prior approval from the Office of Student Life and the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  7. A Louisburg College organization that engages in activities that violate college policy may have its recognition as a campus organization revoked and its members referred to the College Conduct Board.

How To Get Involved

It's easy! Just contact the club sponsor via email or phone. Get involved, make new friends, and have a great college experience! Click here to see our online campus directory.

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