STEM Connection

Sponsors - Various Math/Science Faculty

STEM is open to anyone on campus with an interest in math or the sciences. It will feature Lunch-and-Learn sessions on the second Wednesday of the month at which science or math professionals will speak. We already have an agreement with Sgt. Michael Griffin to send us a doctor in October to speak about career opportunities in Army medicine, and I am arranging with NASA for a kick-off speaker in September. The November meeting will be a panel discussion by the students who are NASA interns this summer, and will provide directions on becoming an intern in the summer of 2012. On the fourth Thursday of the month (August 25, September 22, October 27, and December 1--not the fourth Thursday, but Thanksgiving takes priority) we will have a social event. We will also have service projects to raise awareness of STEM, NASA, and Louisburg College, and we will have t-shirts.

STEM Connection members will be exposed to science professionals beyond those in the classroom, they will be able to meet and socialize with classmates who share their interests, they will have opportunities to share their knowledge, curiosity, and excitement about math and science with students who are not as familiar with these subjects (local public school students, and members of the Boys and Girls Clubs), and they will be able to go to events at local museums, etc, that they might otherwise not know about.