Student Government Association (SGA)

Sponsor - Johnny Turnage (RCC for SGA)

Every Louisburg College student is a member of SGA and is represented through its officers and senators. SGA serves as a liaison between students and Louisburg College administrators. It plans social and educational programs for the student body. Students are encouraged to attend council meetings and be an active voice in the Student Government Association.

2012-2013 Executive Council

executive council executive council
  • Breon Williams Tyson - President
  • Shanika Williams - Executive Vice President
  • Chermaine Johnson - Vice President of Communication
  • Robert Watson - Vice President of Community Services
  • Todd Corbett - Vice President of Campus Issues
  • Devon Hinton - Vice President of Student Activities

executive council

Sophomore Senators

  • Jeffery General
  • Shy'Vonne Fogg
  • Keonna Taylor
  • Briana King
  • Laurence Richardson
  • Joseph Strange
  • Rosie Robinson
  • Ontario Hopper
  • Myla Pettiford

Freshman Senators

  • Katelyn Crockett
  • Kyle Smith
  • Aaron Adams
  • Abe Stroh
  • Quinton Dorsey
  • My'Shaun Fogg
  • Ray'Gene Euell
  • Kenyanna Haggan
  • Erika Hardy

The Constitution

Calendar of Events

Contact Us

  • Attn: Louisburg College Student Government Association
    501 N. Main St. Louisburg, NC 27549

  • Email Us!
  • 919-497-1168