Hurricane Advisors

hurricane advisors

New Student Orientation Leaders, known as Hurricane Advisors, are Louisburg College students who possess a strong interest in being role models and developing leadership skills. Hurricane Advisors will assist new students as they begin their college experience and are integrated into the Louisburg College community. Hurricane Advisors help throughout New Student Orientation by leading groups, setting up events, and showing new students their Louisburg pride!

Upon successful completion of the duties mandated by the Director and Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Hurricane Advisors will be rewarded with a monetary stipend and leadership experience. Hurricane Advisors are selected via an application and interview process in the fall term. Hurricane Advisors live on campus during the summer and not only assist with the SOAR program but with summer school events, camps and conferences, preparing the residence halls, and overseeing The Eye.


Kai Willis

Suffolk, VA

Career Goal: Receive my Bachelors Degree in Event Management

Involvement: Sigma Alpha Pi Honors Society, Hurricane Productions, Multicultural Student Alliance, Horizon, Work-study

Favorite Memory at LC: Homecoming

Advice to Incoming Students: Get involved ! It is the best way to have fun and make new friends.


Danayah Clay-Black

Raleigh, NC

Career Goal: To become a nurse practitioner

Involvement: Hurricane Productions, Horizon, Work-Study

Favorite Memory at LC: Horizon Retreat in Durham, NC

Advice to Incoming Students: Join a few clubs...get involved! It makes your stay worth while in the end.


Lauren McTizic

Mount Airy, MD

Career Goal: To become a kindergarten teacher and earn my Masters in Elementary Education

Involvement: Cheerleading, SNCAE

Favorite Memory at LC: Cheering at my first college basketball game

Advice to Incoming Students: Be yourself, strive to be your best, and don't ever let anyone bring you down.


Samantha Calvery

Louisburg, NC

Career Goal: Criminology/Criminal Justice

Involvement: Soccer, PTK, sigma Alpha Pi

Favorite Memory at LC: Playing soccer and receiving a scholar athlete award

Advice to Incoming Students: Take a deep breath and relax, college isn't what you think


Quran Hilliard

Greenville, NC

Career Goal: Sports marketing agent

Involvement: Football player, President of Hurricane Productions, Intrmural Ref, Horizon, Work Study

Favorite Memory at LC: Diversity retreat & horizon retreat

Advice to Incoming Students: Stay humble and true to yourself.
Handwork + Dedication - Excuses = Success


Khaliyah Donaldson

Raleigh, NC

Career Goal: To pursue a career in Nursing

Involvement: Student Life Work-study, HP, SGA, Horizon

Favorite Memory at LC: Move in Day

Advice to Incoming Students: Remember school is the reason why you're here and don't let the wrong crowd influence you.


Harvey Landy

Salisbury, NC

Career Goal: Computer Engineering

Involvement: Resident Assistant, VP of MADE Men, Football player

Favorite Memory at LC: Being appointed my RA position

Advice to Incoming Students: Be yourself


Heath Sutton

Havelock, NC

Career Goal: Police Officer

Involvement: Hurricane Productions, MADE Men

Favorite Memory at LC: Hanging out with my friend I met at LC

Advice to Incoming Students: Focus while you're here, because you're here for a reason


Terriale Hall

Wilmington, NC

Career Goal: Publish a book and pursue a Masters Degree

Involvement: Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Kappa Delta, Sigma Alpha Phi, Cheerleader, Christian Life Council

Favorite Memory at LC: Retreat

Advice to Incoming Students: Always remember why you are here, its easier to keep up than to catch up


Jenissa Poole

Clayton, NC

Career Goal: Business major with goals of getting into massage therapy

Involvement: Hurricane Productions, Sigma Alpha Phi, Starting a recycling project on campus

Favorite Memory at LC: Horizon mentor retreat

Advice to Incoming Students: Always be true to yourself, don't degrade yourself just to fit in for the moment, it is not worth it in the long run.

Hurricane Advisors