Haiku/Watercolors Club

Sponsors - Leej Copperfield & Emily Zank

The Louisburg College Haiku Club will introduce students to the standard 5-7-5 haiku format, as well as other forms. In addition, the club members will have the opportunity to complement their favorite poetry with art by learning basic watercolor painting techniques. Working toward the ultimate goal of producing a collection of their works, students will learn the process of revision and document design. In the end, each member will have a 'published' booklet of their poetry and painting pieces to share with the college community and their families.

Benefits for Students:

  • Increased confidence in expressing ideas in writing
  • Pride through working toward a polished end product
  • Practice creativity in a non-threatening atmosphere
  • Build community with fellow students in a positive manner
  • Present and share ideas on paper
  • Venture into unfamiliar creative areas
  • Collaborate with others to develop and hone ideas
  • Merge poetry and watercolor
  • Learn traditional and other forms of haiku
  • Think abstractly
  • Develop poems for possible publication
  • Understand and participate in publishing process
  • Enhance computer skills
  • Draft and revise poetry, with increased care in choosing the right words

The Louisburg College Haiku Club will be held in the Writing Center in 214 Taft, and will aim to meet once every two weeks. Exact time and day to be determined. Leej Copperfield, Emily Zank, and Pat Hinton will serve as sponsors/facilitators. The sponsors will also assist students in pursuing their own ideas for the club, such as: displaying their work on campus, raising funds to cover printing their finished products, etc.