Mentee Application

Please Choose One: ASPIRE for Men ASPIRE for Women

(e.g. 10/12/2012)

(e.g. 10/12/2012)

Freshman Sophomore

Other Information

What are your future educational and career goals?

What do you see as the most challenging issues you face as a new or returning student at Louisburg College:

What do you see as your major strengths (personal and academic)?


Extracurricular Activities:

What are your hopes and expectations for being involved in the mentoring program?

Which best describes your personality? Extrovert (Outgoing)
Introvert (Shy)

My goals for participating in Aspire are: (Check all that apply)

Develop leadership skills Find study partners

Meet faculty Build resume

Make friends Improve career-related skills

Learn skills Community Service

Develop teamwork skills Feel more a part of the College

Develop networking skills

Other: Please Specify

After I graduate from Louisburg College, I plan to: (Check all that apply)

Attend four-year college Start my own company

Work in field of study Enter military

Work for community org Not sure

Other: Please Specify

I agree to abide by all program guidelines. I commit to attending all scheduled meetings and events of the organization as well as meetings with my mentor. If unable to attend, I will give prior notice directly to my mentor.

I agree: Yes