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Great Futures Office


Career counseling is a partnership between you and the Great Futures Coach who is knowledgeable and skilled in assisting you in making important decisions about your major, career, or your transfer institution after graduation from Louisburg College..

The Great Futures Coach will guide you through a decision-making process tailored to your unique situation. The Great Futures Coach will assist you in identifying and prioritizing criteria important to you to make informed decisions. Together, you may decide to use career assessments, use the Career Resource Library or the Internet to research majors, careers, and four-year colleges/universities.

Sessions usually last approximately 45 minutes. The number of appointments scheduled will vary depending on the issue(s) you want to address. If you have only a few questions, one or two meetings may meet your needs. If you are just beginning to develop your career plans or are feeling confused about your major, career interests, and your four-year transfer school, it may require several sessions to develop a plan for you.

Remember it is never too early or too late to start thinking about your future.

To make an appointment with the Great Futures Coach, call (919) 497-3333, stop by the Great Futures Office in Taft 100 or email