It is Louisburg College's greatest desire that all students receive a transformative educational experience. The Student Code of Conduct was established to set forth expectations for all students on-campus, providing policies to adhere to and guidelines to follow. It is understood, however, that students will, at times, disregard campus policies. When a student fails to follow policy, and college officials are made aware, then the student must be held responsible. This duty falls to the Office of Student Conduct.

The Office of Student Conduct does more than simply dole out sanctions, however. It is their duty to take a policy infraction and turn it into a learning experience, one which will leave the student wiser after having gone through the conduct process. It is the Office's express desire that all students who enter the conduct process will, by the end, realize that all actions have consequences. They will be able to understand this in relation to the policies of Louisburg College, which they will understand in both form and purpose. With this knowledge, the student will be able to reflect on the choices which brought them into this process, and with this reflection, learn how to correct negative behavior and move forward, becoming more positive citizens in the Louisburg College community and beyond.

It is the intent of the Louisburg College Conduct process to handle each violation of the Student Code of Conduct in an individual manner. The system is designed to treat each student fairly and consistently, while acknowledging that each situation is different and similar violations may require different sanctions.