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Operation ID is a program setup by the Louisburg College Campus Police to help protect our student's property. The model and serial number of your devices (such as laptops and IPADS) that you submit onto the Operation ID database will be accessible to Campus Police at all times. That means that if your device is stolen, Campus Police can immediatly get the serial numbers and enter them into the national database. Quick access to this information means that there is a better chance of recovering your property.

2014 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Campus safety is the number one priority for the college community. The Campus Police department is located on the first floor of Davis Hall. Officers are on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Officers' duties consist of patrolling the entire campus, securing buildings and property, issuing citations, making arrests for criminal violations, working special events and responding to calls for assistance.



Authority of Campus Police

Louisburg College Campus Police Officers are commissioned by the North Carolina Attorney General's Office under general statute 74G. We are granted the same authority and subject to the same rigorous training and standards as all North Carolina municipal police officers. Police officers must successfully complete North Carolina basic law enforcement training earning a general law enforcement certification, pass a written test, psychological and polygraph screenings (in specific cases only), and undergo a thorough background investigation.

As part of a commissioned law enforcement agency, campus police officers have full arrest powers. Campus Police Officers have jurisdiction on the Louisburg College campus, including any satellite properties, as well as any city street immediately adjoining the campus. This jurisdiction includes the authority to make traffic stops, especially when traffic violation are particularly threatening to campus pedestrians. The Department of Campus Safety and Police works closely with the Louisburg Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff's Office to ensure a safe environment for the campus and surrounding community.

Mission Statement

Every effort is made to keep each location a safe place for students to study, work and live. A Police Officer is on duty 24 hours a day at Louisburg College to ensure the safety and welfare of the college campus. The department's campus safety and police role ensures that the members of the Louisburg College community enjoy a high degree of protection from personal harm and a high degree of security for their property. From a security standpoint, the department's major emphasis rests with the campus physical facilities and the property within them. In fulfilling our law enforcement responsibilities, the department strives to ensure that peace and order within the college community is maintained at all times through the enforcement of state and federal laws. Any condition that could endanger the welfare of the students should be reported immediately to Campus Police or Student Life. Questions and concerns should be referred to the Campus Police.