All students have the right to appeal any decision made by the Office of Student Conduct, this includes both the complainants and the accused. In order for an appeal to be considered, it must first meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Information is now available that was not available at the time of the initial decision.
  2. The sanction is inconsistent with the offense.
  3. The facts presented at the hearing do not support the finding.
  4. A procedural error occurred during the student conduct process.

Dissatisfaction with the outcome of the hearing is not acceptable as the basis for an appeal.

Appeals must be in writing and submitted within the timeframe listed below. Appeals are only accepted via the Appeal Form available here:

Students must file the written appeal within three (3) calendar days from the date of the decision. Appeals must state the criteria used for the basis of the appeal and information relevant to the appeal. The appellate officer shall review the written appeal to determine if it meets one of the stated criteria for an appeal. If the appeal is not based on one of the above criteria, the chair shall notify the student of such and deny an appeal. If the appeal meets criteria, the appellate officers will deliver a decision within two (2) business days in writing to the student.