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Art Show Highlights Students' Visual Art and Creative Writing

December 2, 2016

The talent of Louisburg College's visual art and creative writing students will be on display Monday in the Hodges Fine Arts Complex and the Jones Performing Arts Center.

The Winter Student Art Show, a one-night event, begins at 7 p.m. in the Hodges center, where Art Professor Will Hinton will introduce the concepts his Fall Drawing class developed as well as his ceramics/pottery students, who produced earthenware pottery and sculptural/mosaic works.

In addition, Professor Tommy Jenkins will talk about the work of his creative writing students, whose prose and poetry, including Haiku, will be showcased.

Two samples from student Jasmine Harvey:

Branches are naked.
Many leaves fall from the trees.
Where will the bird rest its wings?


I count three black spots.
Lady bugs on my window.
They fall on their backs.

Hinton's drawing students created life-sized self portraits in pencil and paint. They created landscapes from Riverbend Park in pastels. They chose New Yorker magazine covers, did their own version and wrote about what attracted them to the cover. Students in the pottery class sculpted a bust of themselves.

As part of their work in the Fall semester, students were introduced to Tantalus, a character in Greek mythology who tested the gods. Tantalus was condemned to the underworld, where he could see trees full of the fruits he loved but could never reach them. Art students were tasked with describing, visually and verbally, times they had been tantalized.

Come to the Hodges complex and see the result. The show is free and open to the public.

Winter Art Show
Winter Art Show
Winter Art Show
Winter Art Show