Dear Campus Community

Please join us for our initial TAFT TALK on Wednesday, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. This semester's topic was chosen from the discipline of Science. Our Foundation Drawing Class has chosen the word REPLICATION as our source term from the areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our research and ideation has led to a Public Art Work being completed on the front 9' X 25' lobby wall of the Taft Classroom Building depicting DNA REPLICATION.

Our Louisburg College Quality Enhancement Plan's premise is that ENGAGED TEACHING promotes ENGAGED LEARNING. This evening is one interdisciplinary manner in which we can make this a reality.

We wish to share and explore the concept of REPLICATION and what it means when it is seen in the context of Biology. We will ask the question What does it mean when you change the context and look at it in these following classes: Writing 111, Math 143, and History 132?

The entire evening will last about 45 minutes, and will be catered with refreshments by the College's Dining Service. The following faculty members will have brief remarks as to how they address REPLICATION in the following classes:

Jennith Thomas - Biology 111 | Tommy Jenkins - Writing 111
Sue Bridgeman - Math 143 | Kelvin Spragley - History 132

Thank you for your participation and for sharing your intellectual curiosity with us.

Will Hinton
Professor of Visual Art