Dr. Eck Named Provost

Dr. Eck

President La Branche announced the promotion of Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Jim Eck to the rank of College Provost on Monday, February 2, in recognition of the role that Dr. Eck has already been playing at Louisburg College. This transition recognizes the success of our academic program, or Learning Enterprise, which extends to every area of our institution. Dr. Eck has done an exemplary job in shepherding the Learning Enterprise Committee of our Trustee Board, our Strategic Planning Process, the successful granting and implementation of the Title III Grant, and our 10 year SACS reaffirmation that is still in progress.

In addition to these four areas, The Office of the Provost will continue to collaborate with other senior administrators, especially the Vice President for Enrollment and the Vice President for Student Affairs, and Athletic Director in advancing the priorities of the Learning Enterprise Committee.

Please join us in congratulating Provost Dr. Jim Eck.