LC's Pat Hinton Featured In First Solo Art Show

Into the Light

"Into the Light" by Pat Hinton

Did you know that Pat Hinton, Associate Professor of Library Services and the wife of Professor of Art Will Hinton, is an artist herself? In addition to her painting "Meadow at Penland School," on display in the College's Faulkner Gallery, many of Pat's works can be enjoyed at the Sunflower Studio & Gallery in Wake Forest through October 5, 2013.

The following is excerpted from the News & Observer's Midtown Raleigh News:

Hinton renders Franklin County's landscapes in multiple media

The beauty that artist Pat Hinton sees in the landscapes of Franklin County is sometimes so great that she has to pull off the road.

She whips out her camera and photographs the scenes, which she later renders in media from encaustics to acrylics.

Hinton, who lives in Louisburg, tends toward a representational style with few details. She said she finds a kind of poetry in the abstract shapes, an emotional resonance that she hopes to convey to her viewers.

As she works on her landscapes, Hinton said she rediscovers the beauty and mystery of the scenes she was drawn to initially.

"In a way when you're painting, you're seeing it with new eyes," she said.

Viewers will be able to encounter Hinton's take on the area's landscapes beginning this week at the Sunflower Studio & Gallery at 214 East Jones Ave. in Wake Forest during her first solo show. An opening reception is from 5-9 p.m. Sept. 13, during the town's monthly Art After Hours event.

Hinton has been preparing for the show for a year, but her artistic journey started long ago as a young girl growing up in northwest New Jersey...

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