College to Dedicate Mural During Tar River Festival


Louisburg College invites members of the media and the general public to attend the dedication of the public art project Esse Quam Videri, a mural of the Latin phase for the state's motto, which translates in English as "to be, rather than to seem." The dedication will be held during the Tar River Festival on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. in front of the mural at the corner of 218 S. Main Street and Johnson Street in Louisburg.

The Reverend Reggie Rushing, pastor of Louisburg Baptist Church, will deliver the invocation. Louisburg College President Mark La Branche; Louisburg Mayor Karl Pernell; Louisburg College Professor of Art Will Hinton; and Franklin County Board of Commissioners Chair Sidney E. Dunston will deliver remarks.

For Hinton - the project's head architect - these three words invoke two spiritually-based themes: "walk the talk of our faith" and "how you treat the least of these is how you treat me." The installation of a public work of art is also central, he believes, to the Humanities core of the College. "Louisburg College is located at the geographic center of Franklin County," say Hinton. "We should also be the symbolic center of actions that are equitable, fair, and just for all."

With the help of a host of generous donors, skilled craftsmen, and supportive colleagues, the mural was installed on the side of Bunn's Heating and Air Conditioning headquarters during the summer of 2015. Robert Fagan, the principle owner of the business and building, was happy to have the building's bare concrete wall enhanced with a public art project.

Hinton began the project by laying out twelve-inch-square white tiles into a grid that measured eight feet in height by sixty feet in length across the floor of Louisburg College's Hodges Fine Arts Studio. Once Hinton had designed and made templates for the six-foot-high letters, he cut them out of the tile with a diamond blade wet saw. Meanwhile, Bob Elliott's Masonry began brick work on the exterior wall at the site. The Neuse Tile Company installers then prepared the masonry and affixed the letters to the wall. Broken pieces of blue commercial and hand-glazed tile, along with shards of old china, were then mortared into place to fill in the outlined letters.

The colors of the county's three high schools - Bunn, Louisburg, and Franklinton - served as a painted matte designed to frame the mosaic, which was completed by Johnny Alford's painting crew. General Contractor Jr. Leonard supervised the entire installation.

To date, the project has been supported by 75 Franklin County businesses, individuals, organizations, and local government, including the Town of Louisburg, Franklin County Tourism Development Authority, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, and Franklin County Schools. Through this support, and contributions by individual donors, the College has raised most of the project's $25,000 budget.

"This is a vision that has come to fruition thanks to the extraordinary talent of Louisburg College Professor Will Hinton, and the contributions of individuals, private businesses, and local government," says La Branche. "It is our hope that this will serve as a model of collaboration, and as a catalyst for further envisioning and development of similar projects in our county."

For more information about the dedication, please contact Jamie Patrick, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations, at (919) 497-3245 or For more information about the project, please contact Will Hinton, Professor of Art, at (919) 497-3238 or