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Memorial Service for Carson Lindsey Tuesday, Nov 8

The College will have a memorial service on campus for Lindsey at 11 a.m. in Benson Chapel

November 2, 2016

Carson Lindsey, a Louisburg College freshman and pitcher for the Hurricanes baseball team, was a joy to be around, his family and friends recalled Saturday. He was a gifted athlete. A loyal and positive friend.

At Lindsey’s funeral at Wake Forest High School, in the crowded Larry Lindsey Gymnasium named for his grandfather, the people who knew him best remembered his passion for baseball, his love for his truck – and how good he was at whatever he did. “The personification of talent,” said his twin brother, Cameron.

Lindsey, 18, of Wake Forest died Oct. 31 from injuries sustained in a head-on crash Oct. 24 on his way to classes at Louisburg College.

His classmates recalled how easy he was to be around, and how he stepped up whenever someone around him needed help. Polite and well mannered, Lindsey wanted to be more than a student, said one of his teachers, Stephanie Haskell. He was a student-athlete, and he lived for baseball.

Coach Blake Herring recalled that Lindsey had had surgery on his throwing arm before enrolling in college, so he was unable to play this fall. But he took on other responsibilities for the team -- scorekeeper, bullpen foreman, “the catch-up guy” -- while going through rehabilitation.

On the Friday before his wreck that Monday, Herring said Lindsey had just been cleared to begin his throwing program coming back from surgery. “It was the happiest that I had seen him all year long.”

At the funeral Saturday, Lindsey’s friends recalled the fun they always had with him, just hanging out in the garage, or fishing, or playing baseball or soccer or ping pong.

Those who came to mourn can honor his memory by living in gratitude. “Like Carson, you can be a blessing and a gift. You can draw closer to one another," said one of his ministers, "because that’s where God will be.”

In Memoriam: Carson Lindsey.

Carson Lindsey