Paintings by Anthony Ulinski

Wed. 1/15/2014 - Fri. 2/28/2014
Opening Reception / Slide Lecture with Anthony Ulinski
Wed. 1/15/2014 @ 7:30 pm


Anthony Ulinski was born in Indonesia to American parents, and was raised in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. At a young age he adopted a technique for coping with new languages and people. Whether in Liberia or Italy, he learned to explore and absorb first through his eyes. Becoming an observer was normal behavior for a child who moved so far and so often.

Ulinski has lived in North Carolina longer than anywhere else. He has now lived and worked as a woodworker and a painter in Raleigh for over 35 years. Both his still life compositions and landscapes are known for their thrusting elements of color and shape. His images are never static. Texture and light invite the viewer to navigate these diagonally thrusting compositions.

These paintings are derived from both the gritty urban settings and pastoral fields of eastern North Carolina. The images are executed in cold wax, which is comprised of mixing beeswax and oil paint. These thick impasto layers are then spread and applied, not with a brush, but with a palette knife. Surface colors are revealed in this process of shaping and scraping.

Colors are warmed and cooled, shapes are bent and sharpened in these compositions which are both contemplative and tense. They are at the same moment both quiet and kinetic.

"I believe that the ordinary objects and small, private rituals of daily life, sometimes poignant, sometimes so commonplace as to be overlooked, are sacred and elegant."

Anthony Ulinski