Gelatin Silver Prints by David Simonton

Tues. 1/15/2013 - Fri. 3/1/2013
Opening Reception / Slide Lecture by David Simonton
Tues. 1/15/2013 @ 7 pm


It is an honor to welcome back to our campus the photographer David Simonton. A dozen years ago he shared with us his suite of images from The Ellis Island Series. In the words of Kate Ariail of the Independent Weekly in Durham, "While working on the Ellis Island Series Simonton found his calling as a poet of the ignored or the ruined place, the lost or forgotten landscape. He loves the little towns, the country roads, the dusty rail lines and crossroads garages. He looks with sympathy at the old downtowns, and often 'goes around back' and finds the ludicrous assortment or homely dignity of things there, and often a humble beauty. He composes his pictures with an acute appreciation for the juxtaposition of shapes, lines, textures, shadows, reflections - but there is nothing cold or removed about the work. It is very humane as he records for us this passage of time."

Preview, the publication of the North Carolina Museum of Art, called David Simonton "one of our state's finest photographers." Simonton moved to North Carolina in 1989 and proceeded to make it his subject. He has now photographed in more than 360 cities, towns, and small rural communities across our state. He began teaching photography in 1992, and has taught at the North Carolina State University Crafts Center and Peace College (now William Peace University) in Raleigh.

"With light that is limited and unchanging, taking one's time is possible, a luxury not always affordable when light is fleeting. The night's quiet, too, is amenable to the medium of photography. From innumerable daytime choices to a choice few at night, one's pick of subject matter is practically predetermined; the world's a stage, set and lit for the act of making pictures."

David Simonton