Drawings and Paintings by Jennifer Downey

Thurs. 8/23/2012 - Fri. 9/28/2012
Opening Reception / Slide Lecture with Jennifer Downey
Thurs. 8/23/2012 @ 7 pm


Louisburg College welcomes Oakland, California artist Jennifer Downey as this year's first artist of our Travelling Exhibition Series. Since receiving her BA in English and Economics from the University of California at Davis in 1998 she has been exploring through her visual artworks the delicate balance of humankind and nature. Her works reveal the threads of rhythm which bind us, and animate our lives.

"About eight years ago, I became really interested in the idea of power. Power is a funny thing. It is coveted, pursued, embraced, abused, shunned, admired, and used in all sorts of ways. But what is it, exactly, and how does it shape our lives and cultural experience? The answer varies greatly, depending on the viewpoints of individuals and larger cultures. Many, however, would agree that power connotes strength, agency, and the ability to effect change. It's also a lens through which we see value. To clarify my own interpretation of power, I decided to work backwards-to start with agency, strength, and change-making, and seek them out in the world around me. I was attracted to a subtle kind of power, one that's easy to miss. I found it in places like this: women leading peace negotiations, men choosing to honor their emotions, the practice of empathy, people following their dreams, the mystery and elegance of nature's innumerable systems. These artworks, my interpretation of power and strength, comprise oil-on-canvas paintings and charcoal drawings. The figures depict both real people and amalgamations created by combining photographs and imagination. The charcoal drawings, a new medium for me, are on exhibit for the first time here at Louisburg College."

Jennifer Downey