Courtesy Policy

The mission of the Cecil W. Robbins Library and Learning Commons of Louisburg College is to support the academic program of the institution. The library exists primarily to serve the students' and faculty's curricular needs for print, non-print, and electronic materials, as well as to provide facilities and services. It is the policy of Louisburg College's Robbins Library to maintain a safe, quiet and comfortable environment to assure an atmosphere conducive to study. It is incumbent upon library patrons to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules of the library. In order to fulfill this mission, we ask that those using the Robbins Library observe the following courtesies:

Cell Phone Use in the Library

The library environment must be conducive to research and study. Since cell phones are commonplace, we expect cell phone users to be respectful of the rights of others and to help maintain a quiet environment in the library.

Users of cell phones are expected to turn their cell phone ringers off or to vibrate, while the owner is in the library.

Patrons using their cell phone are expected to move to a location, such as the front porch, so their conversation will not disturb those around them. Phone users should use a soft, conversational tone of voice.

Text messaging and other silent cell phone functions are permitted throughout the library.

Noise Levels

The Robbins Library maintains an environment for users wanting a quiet environment to study or do research without distractions.

The Library Learning Commons is an area where discussion and group work are permitted. While working in this area, normal conversations are allowed but should not disturb others.

Food and Drink Policy

Beverages in closed containers are allowed in the library.

Food should be consumed while in the Library Cafe located on the main floor of the Library. Food is not permitted in all other parts of the building. The reason for this is that spilled food can damage books, computers, carpeting and furniture. Crumbs and spills can also attract insects.

We appreciate your cooperation with this. Please help us to conserve collections, protect equipment, and enhance your environment.

Acceptable Behavior

All students, patrons and staff are expected to treat each other with respect.

Some examples of behaviors that are NOT acceptable include:

  • Raised voices or shouting
  • Verbally abusing or harassing others
  • Becoming disruptive or argumentative
  • Fighting or rowdy behavior
  • Overt signs of substance abuse, including drunkenness
  • Overt sexual behavior
  • Bringing weapons, simulated or real, into the library
  • Theft, or vandalism of library equipment or collections
  • Intimidating library staff or patrons
  • Not following requests by Library Staff to cease inappropriate or disruptive behavior
  • Consuming food outside of the Cafe area


Patrons who violate any of these policies may be asked to leave the library and may lose their privilege to use the library. They may also be referred to the Dean of Students and be subject to disciplinary action, criminal prosecution or other legal action, as appropriate.

Non Louisburg College students may be barred from the library.

The preceding rules governing use of the library have been established to provide a safe environment for library patrons and staff, to maintain an atmosphere which permits the intended uses of the library, and to prevent activities which could endanger the library, its equipment, or collections.

Campus Police will be called whenever necessary. The Robbins Library will notify law enforcement authorities concerning any criminal behavior in the library.